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prostate surgeon, prostate cancer, bph, urolift, holep, rezum

UroLift is a relatively new, minimally invasive technique designed to improve urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate or BPH. Gold Coast urologist Dr Elmes, was one of the first surgeons in Queensland to perform it and he has performed over 100 UroLift cases.


The procedure is carried out by inserting several small internal stitiches into the prostate, compressing the tissue outwards and thus widening the internal diameter of the 'urethra' (the tube we naturally urinate out).


It does not involve cutting or lasering of any of the prostate tissue and as such results in a far better side effect profile:


  • No Erectile Dysfunction

  • No stress urinary incontinence

  • No retrograde (backwards) ejaculation


However the improvement in flow strength and reduction of urinary symptoms  with Urolift is less than cavitating treatments such as Greenlight, HolEP or TURP and the longevity of urolift is also doubtful - some men get improvement for one year others up to five years.


Dr Elmes recommends urolift it to his patients with:


  • mild to moderate urinary symptoms who want to stop daily tablets

  • a fear of retrograde ejaculation

You can find out more about the UroLift procedure and the Gold Coast treatment here

prostate surgeon, prostate cancer, bph, urolift, holep, rezum
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