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For the treatment of Prostate Cancer, Chemotherapy is usually used for high risk patients or patients which have had a relapse post surgery or radiation. It is often used in combination with hormone manipulation therapy or androgen deprivation and the option for when the prostate cancer has spread from your prostate to other parts of your body (advanced prostate cancer).Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells.

  • You might be offered chemotherapy alongside hormone therapy if you've just been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. This helps many men to live longer, and can help to improve or delay symptoms such as pain.

  • You might be offered chemotherapy if you've already had hormone therapy to treat advanced prostate cancer, and your cancer is no longer responding to the hormone therapy. This may help some men to live longer, and can help to improve symptoms.

Prostate cancer is not usually treated with chemotherapy at an early stage, although some men might be offered it at an earlier stage as part of a clinical trial.

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