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Advanced minimally invasive surgery 


Prostate Clinic Australia is focused on providing specialised care for patients suffering with prostate cancer and associated urological conditions.

We offer specialist treatment for men's health, we are passionate about educating and creating awareness about the condition, providing medical research and the best treatment available. We aim to ensure patients receive detailed and precise information on treatment and post care options.


Prostate Clinic Australia is dedicated to raising awareness about prostate cancer as well as enlargement. Early detection, precision MRI/Ultrasound fusion biopsy and Robotic prostatectomy, including erectile nerve sparing and post-operative erectile rehabilitation​ are key areas the clinic is focused on.

Urological Surgeon, Dr Elmes, uses the latest technologies including the da Vinci Robot, advanced laser (HoLEP) and the UroLift device to offer minimally invasive cutting edge techniques to maximise treatment benefit and minimise risk.

With over 10 years of expertise in the field, Dr Elmes is passionate about delivering superior service and actively teaches senior urological trainees to continue professional development in the field. Offering assessments with testing and follow ups, Prostate Clinic Australia takes into account age, family history, physical examination, prostate specific antigen (PSA), and MRI findings to ensure a thorough check up and continuous monitoring is provided to our patients. 

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Know the facts - Waterworks, BPH and Prostate Cancer
Gold Coast Urologist

Know the facts - Waterworks, BPH and Prostate Cancer

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