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The revolution in HoLEP surgery and stone treatment

HoLEP is the latest form of techniques in lasers and is designed to remove all the obstructive prostate tissue and minimise sexual side effects some patients may have suffered from older style procedures. It is minimally invasive and follows the exact anatomical planes within a prostate with ultimate precision allowing complete resection of all adenoma (obstructing tissue) whilst preserving the outer capsule, erectile nerves and urethral sphincter.

The holmium laser penetrates just enough to precisely and quickly vaporize tissue without causing deeper thermal injury, coagulation necrosis or collateral damage.

The advantages of laser treatment as opposed to TURP include:

  • Less bleeding

  • Lower chance of erectile dysfunction or incontinence

  • Same maximal flow rate and urinary symptom improvement

  • Importantly allows sampling of tissue to look for cancer

  • Minimal reoperation rate

The new Cyber Ho 100 device provides efficacy and flexibility with a unique multi-application laser platform to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP for patients. Laser treatment for BPH is now fast becoming the gold standard for treatment due to its superior outcomes and lower morbidity.

The key features of the powerful Cyber Ho 100-Watt laser:

FAST CUTTING - The limited depth of penetration, together with the fast tissue incision, results in precise cut without affecting surrounding tissues

RELIABILITY – clinical outcomes of HoLEP have been widely investigated, with many clinical studies demonstrating its safety and effectiveness also in the long run

SIZE INDEPENDENT – HoLEP overcome the limitations affecting other BPH techniques regarding prostate size

EFFECTIVE HEMOSTASIS – the Holmium radiation is highly absorbed by water, allowing quick coagulation of bleedings

HIGH POWER – Up to 105 W output, for fast quick incision, cutting down treatment timeHigh powered laser for treatment of BPH - the cyber HO 100


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