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The Artemis Device

Targeted fusion biopsy and targeted therapy for comprehensive prostate imaging an

The advent of MRI has improved detection rates as it allows Urologists to perform multiple biopsies in area of interest, however there is still a large element of guesswork in lining up the MRI picture with the ultrasound biopsy picture.

Artemis is a computer-targeted device which allows biopsy site tracking with 3D ultrasound image and full colour model and fusion of real-time ultrasound with MRI.

Computer targeting fuses the pre-operative MRI images with the intra-operative ultrasound image. It overlays the two and effectively lines up precisely where biopsies should be taken, thus mitigating human error.

Artemis semi-automatically computes gland volume and boundaries. This enhances tissue structure visualisation for improved planning and guidance.

This digital overlay of an MRI image onto ultrasound, allows Dr Elmes to obtain both systematic and targeted biopsies; in addition, biopsy sites are recorded for later repeat targeting.

Artemis image display

MRI-US targeted fusion

· Allows diagnosis of serious tumors not found with conventional biopsy

· Helps to avoid detection of insignificant tumors

· Provides a method for repeat biopsy of specific tumor bearing sites for men in active surveillance; and

· Creates an opportunity for study of focal therapy.

· Targeted biopsies are several times more sensitive for detection of prostate cancer than non-

targeted, systematic biopsies


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